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BMW Club Queensland is made up of car enthusiasts brought together by one of the world’s greatest motoring companies. The club is made up of car owners and admirers, not just BMW owners.  It is an official car club, fully insured and supported by BMW AG.

BMW Club Queensland is much more than a car club. We’re a community. It doesn’t matter if you own the latest, coolest or cleanest car. The BMW Club Queensland is open to everybody, no matter what car you drive.

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Our social events provide an opportunity to get out of the car and meet some great people and build new friendships.

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Joining the BMW Club not only unlocks countless opportunities for you to get to know your car, but also for you to engage with other BMW enthusiasts, get some race track action with your BMW and, most of all, have fun.

  • 10% off all parts, servicing and lifestyle items in the 3 Metro BMW dealerships as well as other dealerships across Australia!
  • 10% off BMW Driver Training
  • Access to the Members Area where you can make your own Club profile
  • A simplified booking system for members only, making events booking much easier!
  • “The Bimmer” full colour club managzine 3 times per year
  • Club Membership Card, to identify you as a member for events and discounts
  • Club Sticker for your car window
  • Access to the ///M Car Register, E24 6-series Register and the E30 Register (Conditions apply)
  • Regular driving and social events
  • CAMS sanctioned events (we’re a CAMS Affiliated Club)
  • Access to the wealth of BMW knowledge held and shared by club members

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