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BMW Club Queensland


BMW Club Queensland is a proactive enthusiast car club providing activities and services for members and friends who own or appreciate BMWs. Activities and membership are predominantly based in the South East Queensland area, however members are welcomed across Queensland. BMW Club Queensland is a member of BMW Clubs Australia, which is a member of the BMW Clubs International Council.

As a BMW driver you own the Ultimate Driving Machine. We welcome you to now join the Ultimate BMW club – BMW Club Queensland is NOT just a car club; we are a community united by BMWs, great friends and fun events including:

Official Events

  • Monthly Meetings – come along and meet like-minded people. Meetings are informative, informal and friendly.
  • Annual Gala Awards Presentation event – recognising our members, their efforts and achievements.
  • Christmas Party – a free event for your whole family – come along and celebrate the year with fun for all.

Social Events

  • Full calendar – includes a diverse range of events catering for all budgets, interests and locations.
  • Social Sundays – a regular, relaxed and fun get together.
  • Ladies events – designed for Beautiful Motoring Women (BMW) to get together and have fun!

Road Driving Events

  • BMW Convoy drives – there is nothing like being part of a BMW Club convoy
  • Drive weekends away – get away with your BMW and your club mates
  • Show of Excellence Event – present your BMW to best of your ability to compete for club awards.
  • Club Displays – show your BMW off to the wider community.

Motorsports events

  • Driver Training and Skid Pan – discover what you and your BMW are capable of.
  • Technical and Dyno Days – learn from experts about your BMW.
  • Track Days – maximise the fun and excitement of owning a BMW.